Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jesse Ride 10/31

A few of us DBC guys went over to the Jesse ride on Halloween. Keith Hillier, Zach Wick, Chris Stastny, and Myself (Frank Marrs) were all there. For those that don't know, the Jesse Ride is led by Jesse Moore from Folsom. It's a long, steady-wattage base ride, typically over hilly terrain. All said, we covered about 75 miles and 5000+ feet of climbing. It was a fun time with one super-sketchy gravel descent. Friend-of-the-team Adam Switters laid it down when he saw a fast-approaching metal gate. Fortunately, he's only nursing some bruising and road (well, gravel) rash. The elite team will probably be frequenting this ride throughout the base-building phase of our training.

-- Frank